Recommendation on CMAA Vietnam - U.S.


By:  WTO and International Trade Center - Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The European Trade Policy and Investment Support Project (EU-MUTRAP)

Customs Cooperation between Vietnam and the United States was first mentioned in 1997, the second time in 2002. However, the two sides have not yet agreed on the content of cooperation as well as the authority of each party, therefore no official results have been achieved in both times. By 2007, the US Customs granted the Vietnamese Customs delegation a greeting to the Government Agreement between the United States and Vietnam on mutual support between Customs Authorities. After that, Vietnam also developed and sent to the US Customs the Draft Agreement on mutual cooperation and support between the Customs Authorities, but the content of this Draft focuses on only a few basic cooperation problem. Currently, the two countries are considering the possibility of signing a Government-level Agreement on cooperation in the Customs field with a higher level of cooperation. The following is the viewpoint of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) on behalf of the Vietnamese business community on appropriate negotiating options for Vietnam in this Agreement.

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