Circular 07/2019/TT-BCT on regulations on textile and garment exports to Mexico under the CPTPP Agreement


The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) issued Circular 07/2019/TT-BCT, dated April 19 on regulations on textile and garment exports to Mexico under the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

The Circular stipulates the conditions in which textile and garment exports to Mexico could enjoy tariff preferences to CPTPP, including: (i) Having a CPTPP sample certificate of origin according to Circular 03/2019 / TT-BCT; (ii) Having an export certificate; (iii) Meet one of the rules of origin specified in paragraph 3 of Article 4.

The granting of export certificates according to tariff quotas is provided for in Article 6. Specifically, automatic export certificates are granted to traders by deducting tariff quotas on electronic systems and according to the principle of granting to the first applicant before the quota expires. The certificate is issued when the shipment has been exported.

The Circular also stipulates that traders who export textiles and garments to Mexico under CPTPP (including exporters under tariff quotas and export traders not under tariff quotas) must register information with the Ministry of Trade and Industry to provide a mechanism to monitor textile and garment exports to Mexico under CPTPP.

Effective date: June 20, 2019

The Circular is attached below (Vietnamese version)