Full Text

Full text of Vietnam - EU Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA)

On 1st February, Vietnam and EU published the most-near-final text of the Vietnam-EU Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA). Hereinafter is the content of EVFTA.

       - Annex 2-a: Annex on pharmaceutical products and medical devices

       - Annex 2-b: Annex on motor vehicles and motor vehicles’ parts

       - Annex 2-c: Reduction and/or elimination of customs duties

              + Annex 2-c-i: Tariff schedule of the EU

               + Annex 2-c-ii: Tariff schedule of Vietnam

       - Annex 2-d: Exports duties’ schedule of Vietnam

       - Annex 4-a: List of working or processing required to be carried out on non-originating materials in order for the product manufactured to obtain originating status

       - Annex 8-a: Establishment - EU schedule of commitments

       - Annex 8-b: Mode 4 - EU schedule of commitments

       - Annex 8-c: Cross-Border Supply of Services – EU schedule of commitments

     - Annex 8-d: Cross border supply of services and establishment – Vietnam’s schedule of commitments

       - Annex 8-e: Mode 4 – Vietnam’s schedule of commitments

     - Annex 9-a: Annex on transitional measures for the implementation of the government procurement chapter

       - Annex 9-b: Government procurement – the EU’s market access offer

       - Annex 9-c: Government procurement – Vietnam’s market access offer

       - Annex 10-a: Annex for Vietnam

       - Annex 13-a: Annex I Rules of procedure

       - Annex 13-b: Annex II Code of conduct for arbitrators and mediators

       - Annex 13-c: Annex III Mediation mechanism