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Report: European access guideline for Vietnam coffee exporter

Time: 2017


Focusing on the European markets, Market Access Guideline (MAG) is aimed to inform Vietnam’s coffee producers and exporters about the key market requirements applicable to European imported coffee and throughout the coffee export supply chain. It also suggests the necessary actions either to comply with the requirements or to be more export competitive. Accordingly, MAG consists of 3 following sections:

Part 1: European market access requirements on green coffee

Part 2: European market access requirements on roasted and instant coffee

Part 3: Practical issues concerning exporting coffee to Europe

All the inputs are compiled on basis of reviewing the European market access terms, including legal and buyers’ requirements, international standards and practices, and most importantly consultation by our European expert with relevant stakeholder groups such as European importers and associations.

Besides, this post also contains other analysis under NSO-16 activities of EU-MUTRAP including (i) Need Assessment of Vietnam coffee exporters and producers; (ii) Review of European Market Access Requirements and Technical Support for AMDI expert team; and (iii) Review of Vietnam s policies and international trade commitments 

English version is attached below.

Time: 2017


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