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  • TPPing APEC?

    The race is on between the United States and China to dominate the rules-setting game for trade by being the first to be able to announce plans for a free trade area in the Pacific Rim. China hopes to use its position as chair of APEC this year to propose that a feasibility study on a Free Trade Agreement for the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP), first mooted in 2006, be pursued. In other words, negotiations towards an FTAAP would commence, for all practical purposes.

  • Republicans: step up and help Obama salvage the TPP

    Are the stars aligning for both passage of a trade promotion authority bill by Congress and approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement?
    Admittedly, it is a tough time to rally around President Obama. In public appearances since the midterm ‘thumping’ or ‘shellacking’, President Obama has generally gravitated between sullen defiance and studied indifference, allowing merely that the Democrats had a ‘bad night’.

  • US Congress Urged To Focus On TPP, Not TPA

    While President Barack Obama has indicated that he would press for congressional approval for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) renewal as an aid in current United States trade agreement negotiations, House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Sander Levin (D – Michigan) has stressed the need to continue to focus wholly on those negotiations.

  • Time to move TPP across the goal line

    Negotiators from the 12 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) member countries are in Washington this week to move this landmark agreement closer to completion. We are almost there – you could say we are in the “red-zone” of the negotiations. Let’s hope the negotiators can do what the Redskins couldn’t – and put some points on the board.

  • U.S. needs Japan in TPP talks

    During a hearing Tuesday, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack was questioned at what point does the U.S. decide to conclude the Trans Pacific Partnership talks without Japan because of its insistence on maintaining its desire to exclude sacred commodities.

  • AMA wants assurance TPP deal won't push up medicine prices

    The Australian Medical Association (AMA) wants assurances that a Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal will not push up medicine prices.

  • Trans-Pacific Partnership taking shape behind closed doors, Andrew Robb says

    The trade minister, Andrew Robb, says the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement is starting to take shape and should be concluded by year’s end.

  • Separating Fact from Fiction in the TPP

    This weekend, trade ministers from the 12 nations negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement will gather in Australia for yet another round of high-level talks. 

  • U.S. encouraged by progress with Japan on Pacific trade pact, but 'tough' issues remain

    (Reuters) - Progress in U.S. talks with Japan towards a Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact is encouraging, but difficult issues remain, the acting deputy U.S. trade representative said on Wednesday.

  • Key expecting post-election TPP push

    Prime Minister John Key expects the US government to put more emphasis on concluding the Trans-Pacific Partnership regional trade and investment agreement once it gets past its mid-term Congressional elections in November.