Negotiation Update

  • TPP Negotiation Round Twelfth – May 2012, Texas

    The US hosted the twelfth round of TPP negotiations in Dallas, Texas from 8 – 18 May 2012. Better-than-expected progress was made during the ten-day round as negotiators further narrowed differences on many areas of the legal text, and negotiating groups are on a clear path towards concluding most of the more than 20 chapters of the agreement. Issues that could not be resolved at the round will be addressed by specific intersessional work plans.

  • TPP Negotiation Round Eleventh – March 2012, Melbourne

    Australia hosted the eleventh round of TPP negotiations in Melbourne from 1-9 March 2012. The round was the first full round involving all negotiating groups since the TPP Leaders met in Honolulu in mid-November last year. In Honolulu, the Leaders announced that agreement had been reached on the broad outlines of an ambitious and comprehensive agreement, and directed negotiators to redouble their efforts to conclude the agreement.

  • TPP Negotiation Round Tenth – December 2011, Kuala Lumpur

    TPP negotiating parties conducted a mini-round in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 5 - 9 December. Only a small number of negotiating groups met during the week, these groups included rules of origin, services, investment and intellectual property. The teams negotiating market access on industrial goods, agricultural and textiles also met. All made further progress in narrowing gaps on issues in the legal texts and negotiation of market access arrangements.

  • TPP Leaders' meeting in Honolulu — November 2011

    Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Leaders, including Prime Minister Gillard, met in Honolulu on 12 November in the margins of the APEC Leaders' meeting to review progress in the negotiations and consider next steps in the development of a 21st century free trade agreement, which would forge a pathway to free trade across the Asia-Pacific.

  • TPP Negotiation Round Ninth – October 2011, Lima

    The ninth round of TPP negotiations concluded on 28 October in Lima, Peru. The 10 day round had around 870 delegates in attendance, including negotiators, stakeholders and media.

  • TPP Negotiation Round Eight – September 2011, Chicago

    The eighth round of TPP negotiations was held in Chicago, United States, from 6–15 September 2011. TPP Parties (Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam) continued to work towards settling the broad outlines of an agreement by the APEC Leaders Meeting in Honolulu in November.

  • TPP Negotiation Round Seven - June 2011, Ho Chi Minh City

    The seventh round of TPP negotiations was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from 15-24 June 2011. TPP Parties (Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam) continued to make steady progress across all negotiating groups.

  • TPP Negotiation Round Six - March/April 2011, Singapore

    TPP partners continued to make progress toward a high-quality, 21st century agreement at the sixth round of TPP negotiations held in Singapore from 24 March to 1 April 2011. Negotiators at this round focussed on narrowing the gaps in positions on the draft text and discussing initial market access offers.

  • TPP Negotiation Round Five - February 2011, Santiago

    Chile hosted the fifth round of TPP negotiations in Santiago from 14-18 February 2011, with the nine TPP countries advancing further toward their goal of developing a high quality, comprehensive, 21st century regional trade agreement.

  • TPP Negotiation Round Four - December 2010, Auckland

    The fourth round of TPP negotiations was held in Auckland from 6-10 December 2010, with the nine TPP Parties continuing to make steady progress across the full range of issues under discussion. TPP Parties welcomed Vietnam's participation in its first round as a full TPP member.