Japan welcomes Taiwan and other countries to join TPP

Japan’s chief cabinet secretary and the cabinet’s spokesman, said Monday that he welcomed various countries and areas, including Taiwan, to participate in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

  • Chokepoints and vulnerabilities in global food trade

    Physical ‘chokepoints’ along trade routes are critical to global food security. The importance of these chokepoints and the risks of closure or disruption are increasing, but such risks and their potential impact remain largely overlooked.

  • The next chapter for the Trans-Pacific Partnership

    The future of trade and cross border commerce in Asia and the Pacific and the US role in Asia’s economy were put in doubt by Donald Trump’s withdrawal of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) economic agreement.

  • State of Play in the WTO Toward the 11th Ministerial in Argentina

    The 11th Ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO) will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 10–13, 2017. After years of languishing while other “free trade” agreements were negotiated, big business has turned its focus back to the WTO, particularly among the high-tech sector that now includes five of the seven largest corporations globally. They are determined to achieve in WTO what they have yet to secure in any other deal: new rules that will lock in profit-making opportunities in the digitalized economy of the future. The prize they seek in Argentina is a mandate for new negotiations under the rubric of “e-commerce,” but the reality is that these new rules will further constrain the ability of governments to promote prosperity and reduce inequality, even as they suffer the political consequences of the revolts of communities that have been left behind.

  • Japan seeks early free trade talks with UK amid Brexit fears

    PM Shinzo Abe concerned about impact on Japanese firms with UK operations if Britain leaves the single market

  • EU-UK Free Trade Deal Uncertain, Says UK Brexit Secretary

    UK Brexit Secretary David Davis has said that he is not completely sure whether the country will secure a free trade agreement with the EU.

  • Deputy PM works with World Bank on trade facilitation

    Deputy Prime Minister Vương Đình Huệ worked with the World Bank on Monday to discuss trade facilitation, logistics development and the national single window mechanism.

  • Continental Free Trade Area on track

    Africa has moved an inch closer to realising the dream of a continent with a free trade area despite persisting stumbling blocks, if the third African ministers of trade meeting held in Niger last week is to be scrutinised.

  • No free trade with China under a Conservative government, says Andrew Scheer

    Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer would sooner uphold the Liberal government’s environmental regulations than a free trade deal with China, he said in an interview, just as the Trudeau government prepares for its second round of talks with the country.