UK Trade Minister Outlines Post-Brexit Approach to WTO, US Economic Ties

The United Kingdom views “the future of global trade” as revolving particularly around digital economy, services, and development, according to Liam Fox, the country’s Secretary of State for International Trade.

  • US and China Announce Series of Trade Agreements

    WASHINGTON (Dec. 15) -- The Obama administration said Wednesday that two days of talks with a high-level delegation from China produced results that should benefit U.S. companies ranging from manufacturers of computer software and wind turbines to beef producers.

  • WTO's Lamy tells negotiators to push for Doha deal

    GENEVA (Reuters) – Members of the World Trade Organization are showing new energy and determination to reach a global trade deal but must now abandon fixed positions to clinch the agreement, the head of the WTO said on Tuesday.

  • WTO Rules Group set to accelerate its work

    Geneva, 13 Dec (Kanaga Raja) -- In line with the proposed intensification of work on all fronts of the Doha Round of trade negotiations at the World Trade Organization (WTO) from the beginning of next year, the WTO Negotiating Group on Rules is now set to accelerate its own work on the issues of anti-dumping and fisheries subsidies.

  • Developing nations agree tariff cut to boost trade

    BRASILIA (Reuters) - Nearly a dozen developing countries led by Brazil and India will sign an accord this week to cut tariff barriers and boost trade among themselves, a senior Brazilian government official said on Monday.

  • China MOF: To Apply Lower Import Duties On Over 600 Items In 2011

    SHANGHAI -(Dow Jones)- China will apply lower import duties on over 600 energy-related, basic material items and certain electronic parts in 2011 to meet demand and foster economic structure adjustments, the Ministry of Finance said in a statement Tuesday.

  • Bahamas: 'Bilateral' WTO member talks to start 'early in New Year'

    The Bahamas is expected to start bilateral discussions on its bid to accede to full World Trade Organisation (WTO) membership early in the New Year, with the US first up, as it bids to have its initial goods (market access) offer ready for June 2011's working party meeting.

  • "Win-Win for All "as Russia Joins WTO To Boost Its Economy

    By signing an MoU on economic issues with the European Union, Russia has moved all the more closer to joining the WTO. Despite the usual norm of 5-7 years required for a country's accession into WTO, in Russia's case the negotiations have lasted for over 17 years and it appears that Russia would join the WTO in 2011.

  • WTO to force 50% Bahamas tariff reduction

    A CARICOM trade specialist warned yesterday that the revenue losses the Bahamas will suffer from signing on to the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Europe will be little compared to the "much more significant impact" that will be felt from new free trade deals with the US and Canada.