EVFTA to introduce new dispute resolution tribunal

The European Commission and Vietnam’s Ministry of Trade and Industry have agreed on the final text for the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), formally concluding the legal review of the document.

  • Peru’s agricultural sector to benefit from FTA with India

    Peru’s agricultural sector would take advantage of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to be signed with India, one of the fastest growing countries in the world.

  • Lawmakers urge U.S. to press China currency at WTO

    (Reuters) - Two top lawmakers on Tuesday urged President Barack Obama's administration to broaden efforts to pressure China to change its currency practices by raising the issue at a World Trade Organization symposium in March.

  • US, Japan Make Progress On Trade Issues

    The United States and Japan have seen “important progress” on a range of trade and regulatory issues, as well as on new areas of joint cooperation, that should expand trade opportunities for producers and consumers in both countries.

  • India, Israel to hold another round of talks on Free Trade Agreement

    PTI/NEW DELHI: India and Israel will hold another round of negotiations by the end of March on signing the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to achieve a bilateral trade figure of USD 10-15 billion per year.

  • G20 infrastructure initiative: Keynesianism going global

    The World Bank recently published a valuable research paper (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 5940 by Justin Yifu Lin and Doerte Doemeland) which presents the evidence needed to justify a globally coordinated initiative in carefully selected infrastructure investment.

  • China rare earths safe from WTO ruling on export curbs

    (Reuters) - A World Trade Organisation ruling against China's restrictions on raw material exports could force changes to some of its rare earth policies but is unlikely to yield the boost in exports of the metals that consumers want to see.

  • Obama says US considering free trade agreement with Georgia

    WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is offering encouragement for the former Soviet republic of Georgia's hopes for a preferential trade agreement with the United States, but says the country has a way to go in its economic reforms.

  • IBSA for early conclusion of WTO Doha round

    DAVOS, JAN 28 (IANS): India, Brazil and South Africa have called for early conclusion of the Doha round of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) negotiations saying it would help boost global economic growth.