ADB ratchets up Asia’ GDP growth forecast

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) forecasts in its latest report that Asia’s economy will expand by 6 percent in 2017, driven by stronger-than-expected exports and domestic consumption.

  • Tariff cuts on Chinese, Korean vehicles pushed

    Vehicle importers are urging the government to implement the scheduled tariff cuts under the Asean free trade agreements (FTAs) with China and Korea.

  • Taiwan, Singapore Begin FTA Talks

    It has been disclosed that Taiwan and Singapore have begun talks on a free trade agreement (FTA), which both sides are looking to complete within one year.

  • Duty-free apparel import quota from Bangladesh raised

    The government has increased the duty-free import quota for garments from Bangladesh by two million pieces to 10 million.

  • WTO backs Mexico, Canada over U.S. meat labels

    The World Trade Organization has ruled against some U.S. labeling regulations for meat sold in supermarkets, saying they discriminate against foreign suppliers, people close to the case said on Thursday.

  • Why 10 years of Doha talks must end with free trade agreement

    LONDON LETTER: Peter Sutherland and Jagdish Bhagwati say their review of the Doha trade talks is being published as an urgent warning of failure

  • Vietnam to promote trade with China: official

    Vietnam attracts great attention from Chinese businesses, and in return, China sees Vietnam as potential market in the future, said Dao Ngoc Chuong, Deputy Head of the Asia-Pacific Market Division, under the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT).

  • Obama and Medvedev press for quick Russia WTO entry

    President Barack Obama told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday he was confident Russia's 17-year attempt to join the World Trade Organization would reach a successful conclusion.

  • Asian Powers Advance Tripartite FTA

    In their fourth joint leaders’ meeting, and the first since Japan’s earthquake and tsunami in March, Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan, China’s Premier Wen Jiabao and South Korea’s President Lee Myung-bak have agreed to increase their efforts to conclude a tripartite free trade agreement (FTA) between their countries.