US and UK to start trade talks next month to ensure deal soon after Brexit

Trade talks with the US will kick off next month as British officials start to scope out plans for a deal, with the aim of setting up a free trade agreement as soon as possible after Brexit.

  • India, China differences in RCEP offer opportunities for US

    The differences between India and China inside the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) offer opportunities for the United States, which has withdrawn itself from the 12-nation Trans Pacific Partnership, American lawmakers have been told.

  • Commentary: Trump's best option in the Asia Pacific

    Eleven American allies and friends met on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Hanoi last weekend in an effort to keep alive the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the trade agreement they thought they had locked up with the United States last year. All the countries trade with China, which is not a TPP member, but none wants to be sucked into the China-centric future Beijing is trying to will to life through TPP-ish substitutes like the Regional Comprehensive Economic Program and “One Belt One Road” initiative.

  • Vietnam steps up equitization to get ready for free trade with EU

    The Vietnamese government policy to divest itself of these enterprises is twofold, said speakers at a recent forum in Hanoi discussing the country’s preparedness for the Vietnam-EU free trade pact that is on track to come into force in 2018.

  • Trump talks trade with EU, varied differences remain

    A smiling Donald Trump offered European Union chiefs assurances on security in Brussels on Thursday but EU officials did not conceal lingering differences with the U.S. president over Russia, trade and climate change.

  • Mexico vows cooperation with Japan to bring TPP into effect

    Mexico is ready to work with Japan to push for the Trans-Pacific Partnership to take effect without the United States, said Juan Carlos Baker, Mexican deputy minister for foreign trade.

  • Why Vietnam is all in for TPP 11

    Trade ministers from the 11 remaining countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, after the U.S. withdrew, agreed in Hanoi on Sunday to promote the so-called TPP 11 trade liberalization deal.

  • Vietnam & Thailand set trade target

    Vietnam and Thailand have targeted increasing trade turnover to $20 billion by 2020 based on the determination and proactive nature of the two governments and enterprises from both countries, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai told the “Vietnam-Thailand Trade and Investment Embrace the Potential of the Strategic Partnership” conference held by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Thai Ministry of Commerce on May 23.

  • Exporters applaud efforts to salvage TPP

    The 11 countries still signed up to the Trans-Pacific Partnership yesterday announced they would look at ways to push ahead without the United States, which pulled out in January.