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Guideline of Free Trade Agreement between Vietnam and Korea

The relation between Vietnam and Korea officially started from December 1992. After decades, this relationship achieved remarkable improvements. The bilateral relationship is from normal partnersship to "comprehensive partnership in 21st century" in 2001, and has became the "strategic partnership of cooperation" in 2009. At present, Korea is one of the biggest parters of Vietnam in many areas: the first of investment, the second of ODA subsidy and the third of trade. 

In 2006, Vietnam and Korea signed the Free Trade Agreement regarding to the ASEAN - Korea. At 5 May 2016, in order to encourage the trade cooperation relation, two sides negotiated and signed the bilateral Free Trade Agreement Vietnam - Korea (VKFTA). VKFTA is comprehensive, high-commitment level and balance interests of both Partners. This agreement will decrease the opportunities of exporting goods in which Vietnam has advantages such as argiculture and fishery products, processing industry, texture, etc. VKFTA is recognized as a motivation for developing the coorperate relationship between two countries in economy, trade, investment, tourism and so on.

In order to provide basic and comprehensive information of VKFTA and Korea market, help businesses in maximizing their opportunities and achieving benefits from VKFTA's commitments, Hanoi Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Agency & The Ministry of Industry and Trade introduced the "Guideline of Free Trade Agreement between Vietnam and Korea" in Vietnamese version (attached below)

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