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Full text of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)

The legally verified text of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) was released on 21 February 2018.

CPTPP text: The CPTPP text indicates the provisions in the Agreement’s Chapters that have been suspended and therefore will not apply between the Parties (English)


Preamble (English) 

Chapter 1: Initial Provisions and General Definitions (English 

Annex 1-A: Party-Specific Definitions

Chapter 2: National Treatment and Market Access for Goods (English

Annex 2-A: National Treatment and Import and Export Restrictions

Annex 2-B: Remanufactured Goods

Annex 2-C: Export Duties, Taxes or Other Charges

Annex 2-D: Tariff Commitments

  • Australia: General Notes (English
  • Australia: Tariff Schedule (English
  • Brunei: General Notes (English)
  • Brunei: Tariff Schedule (English
  • Canada: General Notes (English
  • Canada: Tariff Schedule (English
  • Canada: Appendix A Tariff Rate Quotas (English
  • Canada: Appendix D between Japan and Canada on Motor Vehicle Trade (English
  • Chile: General Notes (English
  • Chile: Tariff Schedule (English)
  • Japan: General Notes (English)
  • Japan: Tariff Schedule (English
  • Japan: Appendix A Tariff Rate Quotas (English)
  • Japan: Appendix B-1 Agricultural Safeguard Measures (English
  • Japan: Appendix B-2 Forest Good Safeguard Measure (English)
  • Japan: Appendix C Tariff Differentials (English
  • Japan: Appendix D-2 between Japan and Canada on Motor Vehicle Trade (English
  • Malaysia: General Notes  (English
  • Malaysia: Tariff Schedule (English
  • Malaysia: Appendix A Tariff Rate Quotas (English) 
  • Mexico: General Notes (English
  • Mexico: Appendix A-1 Tariff Rate Quotas of Mexico and Appendix A-2 Country-Specific Allocation for Sugar of Mexico (English)
  • Mexico: Appendix C Tariff Differentials (English)
  • Mexico: Tariff Schedule (English
  • New Zealand: General Notes (English
  • New Zealand: Tariff Schedule (English
  • Peru: General Notes (English
  • Peru: Tariff Schedule (English
  • Singapore: General Notes (English
  • Singapore: Tariff Schedule (English)
  • Vietnam: General Notes (English
  • Vietnam: Tariff Schedule (English
  • Vietnam: Tariff Rate Quotas (English)

Chapter 3: Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures (English

Annex 3-A: Other Arrangements

Annex 3-B: Minimum Data Requirements

Annex 3-C: Exceptions to Article 3.11 (De Minimis)

Annex 3-D: Product Specific Rules of Origin (English)

  • Appendix 1 to Annex: 3-D: Provisions related to the Product-Specific Rules of Origin for certain vehicles and parts of vehicles (English

Chapter 4: Textile and Apparel Goods (English

Annex 4-A: Textiles and Apparel Product-Specific Rules of Origin (English

  • Appendix 1 to Annex 4-A: Short Supply List of Products (English

Chapter 5: Customs Administration and Trade Facilitation (English

Chapter 6: Trade Remedies (English

Annex 6-A: Practices Relating to Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Proceedings

Chapter 7: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (English) 

Chapter 8: Technical Barriers to Trade (English

Annex 8-A: Wine and Distilled Spirits

Annex 8-B: Information and Communications Technology Products

Annex 8-C: Pharmaceuticals

Annex 8-D: Cosmetics

Annex 8-E: Medical Devices

Annex 8-F: Proprietary Formulas for Pre-packaged Foods and Food Additives

Annex 8-G: Organic Products

Chapter 9: Investment (English

Annex 9-A: Customary International Law

Annex 9-B: Expropriation

Annex 9-C: Expropriation Relating to Land

Annex 9-D: Service of Documents on a Party Under Section B (Investor State Dispute Settlement)

Annex 9-E: Transfers

Annex 9-F: DL-600

Annex 9-G: Public Debt

Annex 9-H:

Annex 9-I: Non-Conforming Measures Ratchet Mechanism

Annex 9-J: Submission of a Claim to Arbitration

Annex 9-K: Submission of Certain Claims for Three Years After Entry into Force

Annex 9-L: Investment Agreements

Chapter 10: Cross-Border Trade in Services (English

Annex 10-A: Professional Services

Annex 10-B: Express Delivery Services

Annex 10-C: Non-Conforming Measures Ratchet Mechanism

Chapter 11: Financial Services (English 

Annex 11-A: Cross-Border Trade

Annex 11-B: Specific Commitments

Annex 11-C: Non-Conforming Measures Ratchet Mechanism

Annex 11-D: Authorities Responsible For Financial Services

Annex 11-E

Chapter 12: Temporary Entry for Business Persons (English)

Annex 12-A: Temporary Entry for Business Persons

Chapter 13: Telecommunications  (English

Annex 13-A: Rural Telephone Suppliers – United States

Annex 13-B: Rural Telephone Suppliers - Peru

Chapter 14: Electronic Commerce  (English) 

Chapter 15: Government Procurement  (English

​​Annex 15-A: Government Procurement

Chapter 16: Competition Policy  (English

Annex 16-A: Application of Article 16.2, Article 16.3 and Article 16.4 to Brunei Darussalam

Chapter 17: State-Owned Enterprises and Designated Monopolies (English

Annex 17-A: Threshold Calculation

Annex 17-B: Process for Developing Information Concerning State-Owned Enterprises and Designated Monopolies

Annex 17-C: Further Negotiations

Annex 17-D: Application to Sub-Central State-Owned Enterprises and Designated Monopolies

Annex 17-E: Singapore

Annex 17-F: Malaysia

Chapter 18: Intellectual Property  (English

Annex 18-A: Annex to Article 18.7.2

Annex 18-B: Chile

Annex 18-C: Malaysia

Annex 18-D: Peru

Annex 18-E: Annex to Section J

Annex 18-F: Annex to Section J

Chapter 19: Labour (English)

Chapter 20: Environment (English

Chapter 21: Cooperation and Capacity Building  (English

Chapter 22: Competitiveness and Business Facilitation (English) 

Chapter 23: Development (English

Chapter 24: Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (English)

Chapter 25: Regulatory Coherence (English 

Chapter 26: Transparency and Anti-Corruption (English

Annex 26-A: Transparency and Procedural Fairness for Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices

Chapter 27: Administrative and Institutional Provisions (English)

Chapter 28: Dispute Settlement (English)

Chapter 29: Exceptions and General Provisions (English

Chapter 30: Final Provisions (English


Annex I: Cross-Border Trade in Services and Investment Non-Conforming Measures 

Annex II: Cross-Border Trade in Services and Investment Non-Conforming Measures

Annex III: Financial Services Non-Conforming Measures

Annex IV: State-Owned Enterprises and Designated Monopolies Non-Conforming Measures

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