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Reviewing Vietnam legal framework against TPP commitments on Investment

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a new generation free trade agreement signed by twelve of the Pacific Rim countries, including the United States. It is among the biggest free trade agreements Vietnam negotiated and signed in recent years. Although there is a unfavourable progress in the TPP ratification of the United States, the largest member of the TPP (with the decision of the President Donald Trumps related to withdrawal of the United States from TPP in January 2017), this Agreement is still expected by other member countries in order to continue somehow, in different scenarios, with all twelve members or less. However, many TPP commitments reflect important investment and commerce standard following the global free trade tendency, especially in Investment.

From the perspective of Vietnam, the choice of reviewing suitable stantard to revise Vietnam legal framework is extremely significant in order to reform the economic system of Vietnam, then push the effective investment capital flow, build the trust and the basis of sustainable improvement of Vietnam economic. 

This Review is in the series of 09 Reviews of Vietnam legal framework against the TPP and EVFTA commitments on major institutional sectors(including Investment, Government Procurement, Intellectual Property, Customs and Trade Facilitation, Transparency, Services Market Access), prepared by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) within the framework of 02 stages of the Program: Review Vietnam legal framework against institutional commitments in the new-generation free trade agreements with the support of the Embassy of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Vietnam.

We respectfully introduce you Review Vietnam's legal framework against TPP commitments on Investment

Please find the Review attached hereunder.

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