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VCCI sent Recommendation on Opening service and investment markets in TPP

Negotiation on services and investment market opening (negotiation on Crossborder Trade in Services and Investment Chapters) in TPP were conducted upon the ‘negative list” approach (i.e. TPP member countries shall commit to fully open their investment and service markets to investors/service providers from TPP partners except for sectors clearly listed in the non-conforming measures portfolio – hereafter referred to as NCM portfolio). This is a new method of negotiation, which is more complex and riskier than the old WTO one (conducted upon the ‘positive – list”approach: only open on committed sectors). Thus, it is important to determine the access viewpoint of negotiation on the NCM portfolio.

April 16th, 2013, in response to the dispatch of  the Ministry of Industry and Trade on VCCI’s opinion in the TPP negotiation on NCM portfolio, VCCI has sent recommendation on this issue upon two angles of view: NCM portfolio of TPP countries and that of Vietnam.

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