Introducion on the WTO Center of VCCI


The current situation of business associations’ awareness and ability of international economic integration has created new requirements for propaganda activities or providing information to Vietnamese enterprises. 

These are drawbacks of propaganda activities in the forms of press, short discussions, and publications including all regulations... which have been used by many agencies in the last time:

- The content is too general, poor or simple, which makes enterprises either misunderstand that WTO  merely consists of simple issues or feel more vague and confused when talking about these;  

- The forms of propaganda require accessing conditions which are difficult for enterprises to meet (for example, with limited knowledge of law, limited time spent on studying, enterprises find it very difficult to understand thoroughly commitments or complicated and academic regulations in WTO); 

- The subject of propaganda is not specified (for enterprises). Thus the propaganda knowledge is very general, not interesting and cannot meet enterprises’ needs (because each group of enterprises is only interested in one particular issue relating their business activities), which does not provide support, professional solutions to their problems they encounter during the integration process...

In order to solve these problems, VCCI has the initiative to establish WTO Center, directly under VCCI with the aim of providing particular, specific solutions which is suitable with the needs, accessibility conditions and specific situation of Vietnamese enterprises and business community.

Specifically, the WTO Center has the following functions and tasks: 

1. Providing centralized, brief, exact, sufficient and update information about law, practice of commitments implementation and other information concerning WTO and international economic integration activities of Vietnam in the right manner and meeting the demands of the business community;

2. Consulting and guiding enterprises about legal issues related to WTO and integration in flexible forms;

3. Carrying out activities of improving enterprises’ awareness and capacity of international trade law;

4. Conducting researches, surveys and making reports on hot issues incurred during the process of  WTO and international economic integration from the perspective of interests and opinions of the enterprises;

5. Implementing other necessary activities suitable with the objective of the Center.