SMEs and the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

"SMEs and the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement" is published by ITC, Doc. No. TFPB-15-343.E, 01 Dec. 2015.


This is a training manual on the World Trade Organization Agreement on Trade Facilitation (the Agreement). It was written to assist the business community better understand the technical measures of this new Agreement and the opportunities they mightoffer to importers, exporters or others involved in international trade in reducing delays and costs in moving goods across borders.

In these chapters you will find a plain language explanation of each of the measures of the Agreement, including the key or important elements of the  measure; the intended benefits, from a business perspective; and an outline of the practical steps that businesses might take in order to take advantage of the measure. As this is a training manual, we have also included practical exercises to test your knowledge as well as proposed questions for group discussion that are intended to highlight some of the key implementation options and issues with respect to particular measures, from the point of view of the private sector.

Manual outline

The WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) contains more than 36 individual technical measures. To simplify its presentation, the publication classified these measures into six themes, each of which is set out in a separate section in this manual. You will find the training programme organized according to the following themes:

Better access to trade information    (Chapter 2)

Faster, simpler and cheaper border clearance   (Chapter 3)

Fairness in resolving customs disputes    (Chapter 4)

Duty-free import procedures     (Chapter 5)

Measures in defense of your goods (Chapter 6)

Customs and border agency control and administration  (Chapter 7)

This publication could be downloaded here

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