TRIPS Agreement: Changing the face of IP trade and policy-making

“TRIPS Agreement: Changing the face of IP trade and policy-making” written by WTO is published in 2015.


Increasing participation in IP trade

The idea of trade, and what makes trade valuable for societies, has evolved beyond simply shipping goods across borders. Innovation, creativity and branding represent a large amount of the value that changes hands in international trade today. How to enhance this value and how to facilitate the flow of knowledgerich goods and services across borders have become integral considerations in development and trade policy. The TRIPS Agreement is a legal recognition of the significance of links between IP and trade.

Since the Agreement came into force in 1995, the world of IP has been transformed. Many more are using the IP system, leading to huge diversity in how IP rights are used. Dramatic changes in IP law and policy across the globe have been accompanied by equally dramatic changes in the way that IP is traded internationally. Developing economies increasingly participate in IP trade as they tap into global value chains and enhance their innovative and creative capacities.

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