Date: 6/2019

By: WTO and International Trade Center – VCCI

In the process of international trade integration, after acceding to the WTO and implementing its commitments, Vietnam has entered the stage of intensive integration by negotiating, signing, and implementing free trade agreements (FTA).

By July 2019, Vietnam has had 12 FTAs in effect, 01 FTA signed but not yet in effect, and 03 FTAs under negotiation. According to these numbers, Vietnam is among the top economies having the highest number of FTAs in the region and the world.

However, Vietnamese enterprises still have had many difficulties in taking advantage from these FTAs. One of the popular reasons is that they are lacking in basic knowledge about the FTAs, not to mention understanding the contents and benefiting from specific commitments.

This Handbook is published by WTO and International Trade Center – VCCI with the purpose of providing enterprises and interested parties with fundamental knowledge about FTAs, their impact, and essential guides on how to respond to them.

We hope that this Handbook will be useful for enterprises in initial understanding of FTAs so that they could have an appropriate background for further researches into each FTA. This will be the first step for them to take advantage of available opportunities, overcome challenges from FTAs, and integrate successfully.

The Content of this Handbook in Vietnamese is attached below. 

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