WTO & International Trade Center (WITC)

Handbook on Summary of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans- Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)


Date: 2018

By: WTO and International Trade Center, VCCI

Handbook on Summary of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) summarizes the core content of CPTPP, especially those have direct impacts and most significant effect on the enterprises. The handbook explains the commitments in CPTPP in the concise and most understandable way, with initial assessments of the impacts on the business, thereby noting the issues which need to pay attention and the preparatory work on which need to be focused. In addition, the handbook gives the analysis of the main differences between CPTPP and TPP, and the impacts, if any, from the business perspective.

The table of content of this Handbook in Vietnamese is attached below.

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