• Vanuatu’s Suspended Accession Bid: Second Thoughts?

    Vanuatu began its WTO accession process in July 1995, and the main momentum towards membership came in 1997 with the advent of a structural adjustment package known as the Comprehensive Reform Programme (CRP).

  • Uruguay in the Services Negotiations: Strategy and Challenges

    Uruguay is a small South American country lying between Brazil and Argentina. In relation to the rest of the continent, it is a small country with a land surface of approximately 176,000 sq km; it is also small in demographic terms — its population is only 3 million — and in economic terms — gross domestic product (GDP) in 1998 was around US$23 billion

  • Thailand: Conciliating a Dispute on Tuna Exports to the EC

    Tuna is arguably one of the most well-known and abundant of fish, found in large quantities at supermarkets and convenience stores around the world. It is such a popular sight in its canned form that one may have even dissociated it from its origins as a fish, until reminded of the amusing slogan-cum-brand, ‘chicken of the sea’

  • The Impact of GATS on Telecommunications Competition in Sri Lanka

    The telecommunications industry’s potential for prompting socio-economic growth has spurred massive changes in telecommunications sectors the world over; Sri Lanka has followed this path, and ever since the mid-1990s the industry has inched towards liberalization

  • The Reform of South Africa’s Anti-Dumping Regime

    This case study examines the development and reform of South Africa’s anti-dumping regime as an example of a country’s participation in the WTO. The long history of the use of trade remedies by South Africa illustrates the fact that developing countries can successfully participate in the global trading system.