Introduction of WTO - FTA Portal

WTO - FTA portal ( is built, maintained, and updated by the Center for WTO and International Trade of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The portal is the focal point providing full texts, legal documents, news, publications, and updated data....about WTO, Trade Agreements (FTA, trade and investment agreements...) related to Vietnam, and other legal issues in international economic integration.

At the same time, the Portal is also an online consultation, exchange, and question-and-answer channel on integration issues to help businesses and associations make the most of the benefits that this process brings.

Main content categories of the Portal:

  • WTO: Introducing the full text of the WTO's basic agreements, Vietnam's commitments to join the WTO, and accompanying summaries and guidelines.

  • FTA: Introducing all free trade agreements that Vietnam has been participating in through posting content of agreements, implementing documents of Vietnam as well as summaries, guidelines, and information-related updates

  • Other agreements: Including trade agreements and or investment protection, and The Double Tax Avoidance… which are not FTAs between Vietnam and partner countries.

  • Market information: Introduction and guidance on import regulations of Vietnam's major export markets

  • Other contents: News, Events, Publications, Statistical Data, FAQ….provide updated information on integration situation, an announcement of events, the introduction of integration documents ….useful for business.

About the Center for WTO and International Trade

The Center for WTO and International Trade is a unit under the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), established to provide legal support to Vietnamese businesses in the process of international economic integration.

The main activity of the Center is to provide information, advice, and support to Vietnamese associations and businesses to raise awareness, and capacity and actively participate in opinions so that they can make the most of the benefits from WTO and international trade agreements, avoid and protect themselves against possible negative effects from these agreements.

Organizational Structure:

  • Center Director: General management and decision-making for the Center's activities

  • Secretariat: Administrative support and coordination of activities of the Center

  • Advisory Committees-Councils: These are specialized consulting units established according to the integration support needs of enterprises from time to time. Currently, the Center has two consulting units, the International Trade Advisory Committee (INTAC) and the Trade Remedies Council (TRC).

  • Network of domestic and foreign collaborators: Gathering experts and good lawyers in the fields of international economic integration, having a regular connection with the Center and continuous operation, supporting the Center to update information, share knowledge and experience, and provide professional advice in specific cases.


  • The focal point is to provide legal information and information related to regulations and commitments in the WTO and other trade agreements of Vietnam in a form suitable to the level and needs of enterprises.

  • Organizing capacity-building activities for associations, enterprises, and other entities (training, reference books) on important legal issues in the integration process

  • Consulting and guiding associations and business groups to handle specific cases in the integration process, especially dealing with trade barriers abroad and using domestic safeguard tools

  • Organizing policy advocacy activities (research, investigation, seminars to collect business opinions, etc.) to consult with the Government in negotiating and implementing international trade commitments to best protect the interests and benefits of enterprises in the integration process

Contact information:

The Center for WTO and International Trade (WITC)

Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)

Address: 9 Dao Duy Anh – Hanoi

Phone: +84-24-35771458/ +84-24-32216234