Center for WTO & International Trade (WITC)

Handbook: EVFTA and Vietnam's plastics sector


Time: 2020

By: Center for WTO and International Trade - VCCI and The Hanoi Center of Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion (HPA)

The EU–Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) is a new generation FTA between Vietnam and EU. EVFTA was signed on June 30, 2019 and took effect from August 1, 2020.

With a wide range of commitments, a deep degree of liberalization and high standard commitments, EVFTA is expected to have a strong impact on the entire economic institution and Vietnamese businesses’ operation.

Plastics production and processing is one of the economic sectors that is forecasted to benefit greatly from EVFTA with opportunities for export, import and investment attraction. To assist Vietnamese plastics businesses to seize opportunities, actualize potential benefits from EVFTA, The Hanoi Center of Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion (HPA) in collaboration with Center for WTO and International Trade - The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) performed the Business Handbook "EVFTA and Vietnam's plastics sector".

The business handbook "EVFTA and Vietnam's plastics sector" summarizes and explains EVFTA commitments related to the plastics industry in detail, thereby analyzing the opportunities and challenges from these commitments and proposing specific and practical recommendations for enterprises in the plastics sector in Vietnam.

The Handbook (Vietnamese) is attached below: