Full Text of Vietnam-Korea Free Trade Agreement (VKFTA)

11/01/2019    9328

On May 5, 2015, Vietnam and South Korea officially signed Vietnam-Korea Free Trade Agreement (VKFTA).

This Agreement came into effect in 20 December 2015

Afterwards, on the Website of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of South Korea – MOTIE (link), the full content of the agreements has been publicized. The whole agreement could be downloaded hereunder:

Full Text (Vietnamese) (English)

Preamble (Vietnamese) (English)

Chapter 1 - General Provisions (Vietnamese) (English)

Chapter 2 - National Treatment and Market Access for Goods (Vietnamese) (English)

Annex 2-A - Tariff Schedule of Korea (Vietnamese) (English Section A - Section B)

Annex 2-A - Tariff Schedule of Vietnam (Vietnamese) (English Section A - Section B)

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Chapter 3 - Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures (Vietnamese) (English)

Annex 3-A - Product Specific Rules (Vietnamese) (English)

Annex 3-B - Treatment for Certain Goods (Vietnamese) (English)

Annex 3-C - Certificate of Origin (Vietnamese) (English)

Chapter 4 - Custom Administration and Trade Facilitation (Vietnamese) (English)

Chapter 5 - Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (Vietnamese) (English)

Chapter 6 - Technical Barriers to Trade (Vietnamese) (English)

Chapter 7 - Trade Remedies (Vietnamese) (English)

Chapter 8 - Trade in Services (Vietnamese) (English)

Annex 8-A - Financial Service (Vietnamese) (English)

Annex 8-B - Telecommunications (Vietnamese) (English)

Annex 8-C - Movement of Natural Persons (Vietnamese) (English)

Annex 8-D - Schedule of Specific Commitments of Korea (Vietnamese) (English)

Annex 8-D - Schedule of Specific Commitments of Vietnam (Vietnamese) (English)

Chapter 9 - Investment (Vietnamese) (English)

Chapter 10 - Electronic Commerce (Vietnamese) (English)

Chapter 11 - Competition (Vietnamese) (English)

Chapter 12 - Intellectual Property (Vietnamese) (English)

Chapter 13 - Economic Cooperation (Vietnamese) (English)

Chapter 14 - Transparency (Vietnamese) (English)

Chapter 15 - Dispute Settlement (Vietnamese) (English)

Chapter 16 - Exceptions (Vietnamese) (English)

Chapter 17 - Institutional and Final Provisions (Vietnamese) (English)


Implementing Arrangement for Economic Cooperation Pursuant to Chapter 13 of VKFTA (Vietnamese) (English)