Full Text of Vietnam Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (VJEPA)

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The Vietnam-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (VJEPA) was signed on December 25, 2008, and has been effective since October 1, 2009. Its comprehensive content includes many areas including trade in goods, trade in services, investment, and improvement of the business environment and movement of natural persons.

Accordingly, in the last year of the tax reduction roadmap (in 2026), which is after 16 year implementation of this Agreement, Vietnam has committed to eliminating 90.64% of the tariff lines and by the time the Agreement was effective, 29.14% of the tariff lines have been immediately deleted. The remaining ones are for CKD cars and other sensitive lines, which maintain the basic tariffs or do not reduce, accounting for 9% on the groups including alcohol tobacco, some chemical products, explosives, rubber, cotton and steel…

The whole agreement could be downloaded hereunder:

The Vietnam-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (Vietnamese) (English)

Annex 1: Schedules in relation to Article 16 (English)

Annex 2: Product Specific Rules (English)

Annex 3: Operational Certification Procedures (English)

Annex 4: Financial Services (English)

Annex 5: Schedules of Specific Commitments in relation to Article 62 (English)

Annex 6: Lists of Most-Favored-Nation Treatment Exemptions in relation to Article 63 (English)

Annex 7: Specific Commitments for the Movement of Natural Persons (English)

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Implementing Agreement between Japan and Vietnam pursuant to Article 10 of the Agreement between Japan and Vietnam for an economic partnership 

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