EU-Vietnam trade and investment agreements

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EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) is a new generation FTA between Vietnam and 28 European Union member states. EVFTA and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are two of the largest new generation free trade agreements that Vietnam's largest ever negotiated.

On December 1st, 2015, the negotiation rounds of EVFTA was officially announced to be concluded, and its official full text was published on February 1st, 2016. On 26 June 2018, EVFTA was divided into two Agreements in terms of trade and investment. At the same time, the legal review of Investment Protection Agreement (IPA) and EVFTA’s final text was formally concluded.

Both Agreements were signed on 30 June 2019. EVFTA and EVIPA were ratified by the European Parliament on February 12, 2020, and approved by the Vietnamese National Assembly on June 8, 2020. For EVFTA, after ratification, this Agreement will enter into force on August 1, 2020. For EVIPA, on the EU side, the Agreement will still need to be further ratified by the Parliament of all 27 EU member states (after the UK completes Brexit) to take effect.

Full-text EU-Vietnam trade agreement (English) (Vietnamese)

  Preamble (English) (Vietnamese)

  Chapter 1: Objectives and General Definitions (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Chapter 1

  Chapter 2: National Treatment and Market Access for Goods (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 2-A: Reduction or Elimination of Customs Duties (English) (Vietnamese)

Appendix 2-A-1: Tariff Schedule of the Union (English) (Vietnamese)

Appendix 2-A-2: Tariff Schedule of Vietnam (English) (Vietnamese)

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Appendix 2-A-3: Exports Duties Schedule of Vietnam (English) (Vietnamese)

Appendix 2-A-4: Specific Measures by Vietnam Governing the Importation and Exportation of Goods (English) (Vietnamese)

Appendix 2-A-5: Goods Excluded from the Definition of Remanufactured Goods (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 2-B: Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicles Parts and Equipment (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 2-C: Pharmaceutical/Medical Products and Medical Devices (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Chapter 2

  Chapter 3: Trade Remedies (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Chapter 3

  Chapter 4: Customs and Trade Facilitation (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Chapter 4

  Chapter 5: Technical Barriers to Trade (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Chapter 5

  Chapter 6: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 6: Requirements and Procedures for Approval of Establishments for Products (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Chapter 6

  Chapter 7:  Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade and Investment in Renewable Energy Generation (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 7: List of Tariff Headings (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Chapter 7

  Chapter 8: Liberalisation of Investment, Trade in Services and Electronic Commerce (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 8-A: The Union’s Schedule of Specific Commitments (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 8-B: Vietnam's Schedule of Specific Commitments (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 8-C: Exemption for Vietnam on National Treatment (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Chapter 8

  Chapter 9: Government Procurement (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 9-A: Coverage of Government Procurement for the Union (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 9-B: Coverage of Government Procurement for Vietnam (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Chapter 9

  Chapter 10: Competition Policy (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Chapter 10

  Chapter 11: State-Owned Enterprises, Enterprises Granted Special Rights or Privileges, and Designated Monopolies (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 11: Specific Rules for Vietnam on State-Owned Enterprises, Enterprises Granted Special Rights or Privileges, and Designated Monopolies  (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Chapter 11

  Chapter 12: Intellectual Property (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 12-A (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Chapter 12

  Chapter 13: Trade and Sustainable Development (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Chapter 13

  Chapter 14: Transparency (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Chapter 14

  Chapter 15: Dispute Settlement (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 15-A: Rules of Procedure (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 15-B: Code of Conduct for Arbitrators and Mediators (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 15-C: Mediation Mechanism (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Chapter 15

  Chapter 16: Cooperation and Capacity Building (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Chapter 16

  Chapter 17: Institutional, General and Final Provisions  (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Chapter 17

  Protocol 1: Concerning the Definition of the Concept of "Originating Products" and Methods of Administrative Cooperation, and its Annexes (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Protocol 1

  Protocol 2: On Mutual Administrative Assistance in Customs Matters (English) (Vietnamese)

Summary Protocol 2

  Understanding Concerning Specific Commitments on Distribution Services for Wines and Spirits: (English) (Vietnamese)

  Understanding Concerning Bank Equity: (English) (Vietnamese)

  Joint Declaration (English) (Vietnamese)


EU Vietnam investment protection agreement (EVIPA)

Preamble (English) (Vietnamese)

Chapter 1: Objectives and General Definitions (English) (Vietnamese)

Chapter 2: Investment Protection (English) (Vietnamese)

Chapter 3: Dispute Settlement (English) (Vietnamese)

Chapter 4: Institutional, General and Final Provisions (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 1: Competent Authorities (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 2: Exemption for Vietnam on National Treatment (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 3: Understanding on Treatment of Investment (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 4: Understanding on Expropriation (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 5: Public Debt (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 6: List of Investment Agreements (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 7: Rules of Procedure (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 8: Code of Conduct for Arbitrators and Mediators (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 9: Mediation Mechanism (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 10: Mediation Mechanism for Disputes between Investors and Parties (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 11: Code of Conduct for Members of the Tribunal, the Appeal Tribunal and Mediators (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 12: Concurring Proceedings (English) (Vietnamese)

Annex 13: Working Procedures for the Appeal Tribunal (English) (Vietnamese)