Circular No. 31/2015/TT-BCT dated September 24th 2015 on the implementation of rules of origin in the agreement establishing AANZFTA

01/11/2015    263

Issuing date: September 24, 2015

Issuing authority: the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Effective date: October 01, 2015

On September 24th 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Circular No. 31/2015/TT-BCT implementing the rules of origins stipulated under the Free Trade Agreement among Asean – Australia – New Zealand.

Such Circular provides new rules of issuance of Certificate of Origin (C/O) Form AANZ. This Circular takes effect from October 01st, 2015 and replaces Circular No. 33/2009/TT-BCT dated November 11th, 2009.

Please click the link below to download the Vietnamese version of Circular No. 31/2015/TT-BCT: