Circular No. 10/2009/TT-BCT dated May 18th 2009 on the implementation of rules of origin in the VJEPA

18/05/2009    168

Issuing date: May 18, 2009

Issuing authority: the Ministry of Industry and Trade

On May 18th 2009, the Minister of Industry and Trade issued Circular No. 10/2009/TT-BCT on the implementation of rules of origin in the VJEPA.

Effective date: July 4th 2009.

The content of the document in Vietnamese can be downloaded below:

1. Circular No. 10/2009/TT-BCT

2. Annex 1: Rules of origin

3. Annex 2: Product specific rules

4. Annex 3: Operational certification procedures

5. Annex 4: The required information of C/O

6. Annex 5: The implementing provision

7. Annex 6: Form C/O of Vietnam

8. Annex 7: Form C/O of Japan

9. Annex 8: The guidance of filling C/O

10. Annex 9: The application for C/O

11. Annex 10: List of production facilities of the traders

12. Annex 11: The registration of sample signature of the authorized

13. Annex 12: List of issuing organizations