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The Review of Vietnam legal framework against commitments under EVFTA on Intellectual Property

17/04/2017    293

Date: 2017

By: WTO and International Trade Center

One of the aspects under the coverage of EVFTA, which is considered to have significant and direct impacts on Vietnam's legal framework is Intellectual Property. This is a quite sensitive matter during the negotiation because of the disparity in the requirements of EU and Vietnam on the protection of Intellectual Property Rights. The negotiation result of such matter is a system of commitments towards enhancing the standards of protection of Intellectual Property Rights for owners, which correlates to some significant limitation in the accessibility to products of public or consumers of such products when compared to relevant current standards of Vietnam.

Therefore, a review of Vietnam legal framework against EVFTA commitments on Intellectual Property is necessary to determine these differences. Then appropriate amendments and adjustments can be made to ensure the compliance with the commitments under EVFTA, motivate the intellectual property activities as well as well apply the commitments to maintain the reasonable access to the intellectual property with the aim of supporting the business activities, socioeconomics and culture education in Vietnam.

The review of Vietnam's legal framework against EVFTA commitments on Intellectual Property is conducted by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) with analyses about the compatibility of Vietnam legal framework against commitments from the perspectives of enterprises and public. From this, recommendations are made to guarantee the conformity to the Agreement in the most beneficial ways for enterprises and public.

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