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The Review Vietnam legal framework against WTO, EVFTA and TPP commitments on Services Market Access for Foreign Investment

17/04/2017    265

Date: 2017

By: WTO and International Trade Center

In fact, with the management method and adoption of policies segmenting in services sectors, the system of policies and legislations on Vietnam’s services market access for foreign investors is particularly complex not only in quantity of documents, but also in the methods and mechanisms of enabling market access in these documents.

On the one hand, this makes the system of policies and legislation on the Vietnam’s services market access non-transparent, and causes problems for foreign investors in these sectors. On the other hand, this circumstance leads to a difficulty to control the implementing extent of Vietnam’s commitments on services market access, and obstructs the process of trade liberalization, in general, and the services sectors liberalization, in particular.

This Review of Vietnamese legal framework against the commitments on services market access under the WTO, TPP and EVFTA is conducted with the aim of creating an overview of the extent of Vietnam’s services market access in comparison with the WTO, TPP and EVFTA commitments on this issue, thereby creating the first foundation for the transparency of services markets institution, contributing to the liberalization process of this important economic sector.

This Review is in the series of 09 Reviews of Vietnam legal framework against the TPP and EVFTA commitments on major institutional sectors(including Investment, Government Procurement, Intellectual Property, Customs and Trade Facilitation, Transparency, Services Market Access), prepared by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) within the framework of 02 stages of the Program: Review Vietnam legal framework against institutional commitments in the new-generation free trade agreements with the support of the Embassy of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Vietnam.

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