South Korea - Tariff Search

06/08/2019    320

1. Korea Customs Service (English)

Website provides all necessary information about customs regulations such as customs clearance, certificate of origin, ... in Korea by English.

2. Korea FTAs Portal (English)

The portal provides all the current FTAs of Korea, especially AKFTA (ASEAN - Korea FTA) and VKFTA (VietNam - Korea FTA), support enterprises to receive incentives from FTAs.

3. Korean Statistical Infomation Service (KOSIS) (English)

As a gateway for Korea’s official statistics, KOSIS offers a convenient one-stop service to full range of major domestic, international and North Korean statistics. Currently, official statistics produced by over 120 statistical agencies covering more than 500 subject matters as well as the latest data on international finance and economy from international organizations (i.e. IMF, World Bank, OECD) are available on KOSIS.