CPTPP Certificate of Origin Rules for Gloves HS Code 6216.00

22/08/2019    87


Blue Horizon Co. Ltd is Gloves Manufacturing and Export company in Vietnam, established in 2008. We are manufacturing and exporting gloves to North American and European Market.  Our product falls in category HS Code 6216.00.

As the implementation of CPTPP has be done so our customers from North America and Europe are looking for Certificate of Origin based on CPTPP Requirement. Some of the materials which we use in our production are not originating in member countries. As per our understanding, we can mention PSR in the certificate of origin. However when we look into Annex-3-D, we cannot find HS Code 6216.00.

Could you please help to provide some more guidance and clarification on the Rules of Origin for HS Code 6216.00? We will appreciate your kind response and information in this regard so we can provide more benefit to our customers and to bring more business into Vietnam.


According to product-specific rules of origin relating to HS Code 6216.00, this product belongs to textile articles, thus its PSR is mentioned in Annex 4-A (Textiles and Apparel Product-Specific Rules of Origin) in the following link: http://www.wtocenter.vn/chuyen-de/12782-full-text-of-cptpp  

To be more specific, for products with HS Code from 62.13 to 62.17, the PSR will be "A change to a good of heading 62.13 through 62.17 from any other chapter, except from heading 51.06 through 51.13, 52.04 through 52.12 or 54.01 through 54.02, subheading 5403.33 through 5403.39 or 5403.42 through 5403.49, or heading 54.04 through 54.08, 55.08 through 55.16, 56.06, 58.01 through 58.02 or 60.01 through 60.06, provided the good is cut or knit to shape, or both, and sewn or otherwise assembled in the territory of one or more of the Parties."      

Hope these information is helpful to you and the business.