Circular No. 32/2019/TT-BYT dated December 16th, 2019 of the Ministry of Health on amending, supplementing to Clause 4 Article 4 and Annex No. 01-MP of Circular No. 06/2011/TT-BYT dated January 25th, 2011 of the Ministry of Health on cosmetic management

30/12/2019    299

Issuing date: 16/12/2019

Issuing authority: The Ministry of Health

According to the amendments at this Circular, cosmetic products imported from CPTPP member countries shall be exempt from Certificate of free sale (CFS) upon proclamation of cosmetic products. CFS is only required with regard to cosmetic products imported from countries other than CPTPP member countries. 

In addition, CFS which is submitted upon proclamation of cosmetic products must be the original, still in the day of validity and have at least the information according to Clause 3 Article 10 of Decree No. 69/2018/ND-CP.

This Circular also promulgates new template for notification of cosmetic product to replace the old one promulgated at Annex No. 01-MP of Circular No. 06/2011/TT-BYT.

This Circular takes effect from February 1st, 2020.

The Circular is attached below. 

Source: Vietnam Legal Documents Database