Vietnam – Switzerland

07/12/2010    325

Vietnam – Switzerland Relations

Vietnam and Switzerland established diplomatic relation on October 11 th 1971.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, both Switzerland and Vietnam have actively promoted the conclusion of many bilateral treaties focussing on development cooperation and economy.

The two countries have concluded a large number of bilateral treaties and agreements, including an air transport agreement (1979), an agreement for the promotion and protection of investments (1992), an agreement on trade and economic cooperation (1993), two agreements on the granting of a mixed financing (1993 and 2002), a Convention for the avoidance of double taxation (1996), a framework agreement on technical and financial cooperation (2001), and others.

Recently, Switzerland and Vietnam have again deepened their relations with the conclusion of a bilateral agreement on market access in the framework of Vietnam’s accession process to the WTO (August 2005), and an agreement between the two countries on child adoptions (December 2005).

Concluded Agreements:

- Agreement on the Protection of Intellectual Property and Cooperation in the Field of Intellectual Property (July 1999)