Report “The Distributional Impacts of Trade: Empirical Innovations, Analytical Tools, and Policy Responses”

28/05/2021    547

Date: 2021

By: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development - The World Bank

The World Bank has been examining the links between global trade and poverty reduction, how changing trade patterns affect the poor, and how policies can ensure that gains are shared more widely over the last two years. This report is a result of this work. It provides new knowledge, data, and tools to inform policy responses to spread the gains from trade more widely, to make trade work for everyone.  

In this Report, analysis shows that countries should continue seeing trade as a pathway to development. The evidence remains strong that trade leads to higher growth and better jobs. But the report also shows where previous analysis may have fallen short. In extending the latest economic thinking to developing countries through a series of newly developed models and databases as well as five country case studies, the report aims to help trade policy makers to better identify who will benefit and who may need support as the structure of the economy changes through trade.

The Report is attached below: