Vietnamese lychee, longan eye bigger market share in Singapore

05/06/2023    39

The Vietnamese Trade Office in Singapore is working to promote the export of Vietnamese fruits, particularly longan and lychee, to Singapore.

Accordingly, a series of activities, including the Vietnamese Goods Week programme, as well as business networking and lychee testing events, have taken place in the island nation.

Further support from the office is also available for any Vietnamese localities and enterprises with intention to export fresh lychee and longan to the market.

As per data from the Singaporean business administration, last year, the country spent 6.78 million SGD (5.02 million USD) and 4.6 million SGD on importing fresh lychee and longan, respectively. Of the sums, shipments of the two fruits from Vietnam were worth 43,000 SGD and 4,000 SGD.

Vietnam's lychee and longan have so far entered many demanding markets such as Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Australia. With their quality, brand, and potential, they see ample room to gain a foothold in Singapore./.

Source: Vietnamnet