Malaysian PM urges US to abandon protectionism, respect competitiveness

27/05/2024    18

Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said here that his country will continue cooperation with China and the United States (US), urging Washington to abandon protectionism and respect competitiveness.
Anwar said on Thursday at the 29th Future of Asia forum that Malaysia does not have a “China-phobia” policy and hopes China and the US will resolve their differences.

Calling China an important neighbour with strategic significance, Anwar said that deepening ties with China is very beneficial to ASEAN.

Anwar noted that China’s investment in overseas markets such as ASEAN countries has strong momentum. Talking about the so-called “China economic recession theory”, he said China’s economy remains dynamic, and the Chinese government and people are fully prepared for changes in the external environment, and can make corresponding adjustments in a timely manner.

In the face of a complex international environment, ASEAN should strengthen unity and provide a reliable Asian solution by formulating appropriate economic policies, giving full play to its economic advantages, and promoting trade and investment, Anwar said.

“It is crucial to promote ASEAN unity and strengthen ASEAN’s overall economic strength,” he added.

The prime minister also said Malaysia will assume the ASEAN chairmanship in 2025, and its policy focus will be to enhance economic cooperation among member states and attract more investment and trade cooperation opportunities.

Source: Borneo Bluttin