Each year, this business exports about 50 million USD worth of fruit to the US, being among Vietnam’s leading fruit exporters. Fruit export turnover to the US rose more than 20 percent in the first quarter of this year, making a strong recovery post-pandemic.

Growth is expected to continue in the future due to increasing market demand.

The US is Vietnam’s second-largest fruit market, after China. It imports about 150 million USD worth of fruit each year. While the figure is rather modest, it is still significant in creating a driving force for fruit growers to improve the quality to meet the requirements of other demanding markets.

Greater profit margins will create fiercer competition in the market. The price of Vietnamese fruit, meanwhile, is always higher than in countries such as Thailand.

Prices are expected to fall in the time to come, though, as more enterprises invest in post-production facilities and irradiation areas. This will be a foundation for enterprises to cooperate more strongly to sustainably exploit markets./.

Source: Vietnam Plus