Magazine "Businesses and Free Trade" No.27+28


Magazine "Businesses and Free Trade" No.27+28 Quarter I+II/2022 Topic: "Food protection – Fear of an uncertain future"


Handbook on trade remedies for enterprises exporting to CPTPP member countries


Date: 03/2022 By: Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam - MOIT


What is WTO?


This booklet gives a concise introduction to the World Trade Organization (WTO) through the Q&A form with a view to helping publicize the basic knowledge of this organization.

General commitments on Trade in Services


Trade in service is an important part in WTO. So, what does WTO’s commitments on services consist of? According to GATS, what are Vietnam’s obligations relating to services? In which forms is Vietnam committed to allow foreign investors to provide services in Vietnam? Are commitments on services related to foreign direct investment and foreign indirect investment to Vietnam?... The booklet “General commitments on Trade in Services” will help you to answers all these above queries.

The White Book on Vietnamese E-Business 2022


Date: September 12, 2022 By: Vietnam E-Commerce and Digital Economy Agency, Ministry of Industry and Trade.

WTO Annual Report 2021


Time: 2021 By: World Trade Organization (WTO)