Report: What will be the new normal for Vietnam? The economic impact of COVID-19


Date: July 2020

By: The World Bank

COVID-19 has spread around the planet, killing hundreds of thousands of people and sending billions into lockdown, as health services struggle to cope. Yet, as of early July 2020, Vietnam is privileged to belong to a small club of countries that have reported zero deaths caused by the pandemic. This result is even more impressive considering that the country is located next to China (the epicenter of the pandemic) and is one of the most open economies in the world, hosting almost 20 million international visitors every year. The extraordinary management of the health crisis by the government, through the combination of bold and decisive actions as well as smart testing and tracking, has received deserved attention from local and international media even though the country remains at risk of new COVID-19 waves as recently reported in other countries in the world. The objective of this edition of Taking Stock is to discuss to what extent the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the Vietnamese economy.

The Report (in English and Vietnamese) is attached below