Vietnam Economic Growth 2021: Vietnam's enterprises on the road of digital transformation in the post-COVID-19 pandemic period


Publication: 04/2021 by Vietnam Report

Thanks to the efforts of the national digital transformation program, in 2020, Vietnam's digital economy is estimated at USD 14 billion (contributing about 5% of GDP) and second to ASEAN in terms of digital economic growth. Digital transformation and digital economy create more resources so that all industries can expand and develop more dynamicly through new production methods and economic structures. Nowadays, digital transformation is no longer an immediate task, but has become an inevitable trend that plays a strategic role in the development of the business; especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation is further promoted and is a top priority in production and business. Businesses cannot be out of the digital "flow" if they want to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. 2021 is also defined as the year for businesses to find directions and embark on solving challenges, improving opportunities to compete with digital technology.

Bilingual report Vietnam Economic Growth 2021, with the theme "Vietnam's enterprises on the road of digital transformation in the post-COVID-19 pandemic period" has gathered views and analysis on digital economy, digital transformation in Vietnamese enterprises today, and updated the trends , new objectives, strategies, implementation models from the multi-dimensional perspective of economists - technology and the largest enterprises, the strongest growth.Thereby, the report is expected to contribute to helping the Vietnamese business community in general understand the trend, raise the level of thinking, come up with a strategy suitable for the organization to seize opportunities, overcome challenges, successfully transform digitally, grow fast and sustainably. , contributing to the goal of building a strong country after COVID-19.

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