Vietnamese Large Enterprises and Driver of Growth in 2021


Publication: 2021 by Vietnam Report

2020 has ended and recorded the great success of Vietnam in the context of global upheaval. Thanks to the unanimous efforts of the Government, enterpriese and people across the country, Vietnam has become a rare country in the world with a positive growth rate of 2.91%. The fulfillment of the dual goal – both effective COVID-19 prevention, economic development, inflation control below 4%, exports and foreign exchange reserves continue to set records, many new generation FTA agreements are signed and come into force ... has increased the value of Vietnam's national brand by 29% compared to 2019, equivalent to USD 319 billion. Entering 2021, the world economy is still trying to "heal" the wounds caused by the pandemic and Vietnam is no exception; however, the solid momentum in recent years has strengthened the belief and motivation to build a prosperous Vietnam in the near future.

Bilingual White Paper The annual report with the theme "Vietnam Big Enterprises and Growth Motivations in 2021" is made to learn lessons learned, solutions to recover in production and business activities before the COVID-19 "storm" of enterprises in general, and development trends in the context of "new normal" of some key industries / sectors in particular. Based on the multi-dimensional perspective of experts and feedback from large enterprises in the VNR500, the report also focuses on analyzing the opportunities, challenges and growth motivations of enterprises in 2021, especially when the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) is signed and the wave of investment is shifted; thereby making policy recommendations and recommendations to support businesses to develop sustainably, contributing to accelerating the recovery of the post-COVID-19 economy.

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