ASEAN Statistics Data Portal


1.    General information

ASEAN Statistics Data Portal ( includes information about Indicators such as: Trade, FDI, Macroeconomic indicators (GDP, Inflation rate…), or Transports, Visitor Arrival and Labour Statistics of ASEAN. Furthermore, this website also includes ASEAN Interactive Data Visualisation Dashboards.

2.    Website’s structure and Instruction to use the website:

Users can directly access the website and look up necessary information. 

The website includes 02 parts: (1) Indicators, (2) Dashboards.

2.1.    Indicators

This part contains Indicators relating to FDI, Trade (in goods, in service), Macroeconomic indicators (GDP, Inflation rate…), Transports Statistics (Air, Road, Water Transports), Visitor Arrival Statistics and Labour Statistics.

When accessing the website, the screen will show all relevant indicators. Users can look up the necessary data in the list, or can directly search data by using the Quick Search Bar on top of the website.

2.2.    Dashboards

This part includes ASEAN Visitor Arrivals Dashboard, ASEAN Trade in Services Dashboard and ASEAN Trade in Goods (IMTS) Dashboard.

Users can choose the information which they need to look up in the above categories.