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Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) among twelve country members, including United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam. On February 4th, 2016, TPP was officially signed amd was expected to come into force in 2018. After the US’s withdrawal in January 2017, TPP can not meet enough requirements for enforcement as expected.

In March 2018, CPTPP was officially signed by 11 country members (excluding United States). The CPTPP officially came into force in Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, New Zealand on 30 December 2018, in Vietnam on 14 January 2019, and in Peru on 19 September 2021. On October 5, 2022, Malaysia officially ratified the CPTPP and this Agreement came into force in Malaysia since November 29, 2022. Chile ratified the CPTPP on December 22, 2022 and this Agreement entered into force in Chile since February 21, 2023. On May 13, 2023, Brunei also officially ratified the CPTPP, and this Agreement came into force in Brunei since July 12, 2023. Up to now, the CPTPP was ratified by all 11 member countries.

The UK is the first country outside of the founding member countries to join the Agreement. The UK applied in February 2021, and then officially signed the Agreement to become a CPTPP member on July 16, 2023, which increase the total number of members of the CPTPP to 12.

Besides the above member countries, there are currently 05 countries/economies that have officially applied to join the CPTPP, including: China, Taipei (in September 2021), Ecuador (in January 2022), Costa Rica (in August 2022) and Uruguay (in December 2022).

CPTPP maintain almost TPP commitments excluding: (i) United States-related commitments; (ii) 22 freeze clauses (having Detailed List); and (iii) some modifications in Side Letters among CPTPP members.

Content of the Agreement:

CPTPP Full text: The full text of the CPTPP indicates the provisions in the Agreement’s Chapters that have been suspended and therefore will not apply between the Parties. (Vietnamese(English)

Vietnamese Summary of CPTPP 

Preamble (Vietnamese(English)  

Chapter 1: Initial Provisions and General Definitions (Vietnamese(English 

Vietnamese Summary of Chapter 1 

Annex 1-A: Party-specific Definitions

Chapter 2: National Treatment and Market Access for Goods (Vietnamese)(English

Vietnamese Summary of Chapter 2

Annex 2-D: Tariff Commitments

  Australia: General Notes (Vietnamese)(English

  Australia: Tariff Schedule (Vietnamese)(English

  Brunei: General Notes (Vietnamese)(English)

  Brunei: Tariff Schedule (Vietnamese)( English

  Canada: General Notes (Vietnamese)(English

  Canada: Tariff Schedule (Vietnamese) (English

  Canada: Appendix A - Tariff Rate Quotas (Vietnamese)(English

  Canada: Appendix D - Between Japan and Canada on Motor Vehicle Trade (Vietnamese)(English

  Chile: General Notes (Vietnamese)(English

  Chile: Tariff Schedule (Vietnamese)(English

  Japan: General Notes (Vietnamese)(English)

  Japan: Tariff Schedule (Vietnamese)(English

  Japan: Appendix A - Tariff Rate Quotas (Vietnamese)(English

  Japan: Appendix B-1 - Agricultural Safeguard Measures (Vietnamese)(English

  Japan: Appendix B-2 - Forest Good Safeguard Measure (Vietnamese)(English

  Japan: Appendix C - Tariff Differentials (Vietnamese)(English

  Japan: Appendix D-2 - Between Japan and Canada on Motor Vehicle Trade (Vietnamese)(English

  Malaysia: General Notes (Vietnamese)(English

  Malaysia: Tariff Schedule (Vietnamese)(English

  Malaysia: Appendix A - Tariff Rate Quotas (Vietnamese)(English)

  Mexico: General Notes (Vietnamese)(English 

  Mexico: Appendix A - Tariff Rate Quotas and Country Specific Allocation for Sugar of Mexico (Vietnamese)(English

  Mexico: Appendix C - Tariff Differentials (Vietnamese)(English)

  Mexico: Tariff Schedule (Vietnamese)(English 

  New Zealand: General Notes (Vietnamese)(English  

  New Zealand: Tariff Schedule  (Vietnamese)(English

  Peru: General Notes (Vietnamese)(English

  Peru: Tariff Schedule (Vietnamese)(English

  Singapore: General Notes (Vietnamese)(English

  Singapore: Tariff Schedule (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Vietnam: General Notes  (Vietnamese)(English)

  Vietnam: Tariff Schedule (Vietnamese)(English

  Vietnam: Appendix A - Tariff Rate Quotas (Vietnamese)(English)

Chapter 3: Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures (Vietnamese(English

Vietnamese Summary of Chapter 3

Annex 3-D: Product-specific Rules of Origin (Vietnamese)(English)

Annex 3-D: Appendix 1 - Provisions related to the Product-Specific Rules of Origin for Certain Vehicles and Parts of Vehicles (Vietnamese)(English

Chapter 4: Textile and Apparel Goods (Vietnamese)(English

Vietnamese Summary of Chapter 4 

Annex 4-A: Textiles and Apparel Product-Specific Rules of Origin (Vietnamese)(English

   Annex 4-A: Appendix 1 - Short supply List of Products (Vietnamese)(English

Chapter 5: Customs Administration and Trade Facilitation (Vietnamese)(English

Chapter 6: Trade Remedies (Vietnamese)(English

Vietnamese Summary of Chapter 6 

Chapter 7: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (Vietnamese)(English) 

Vietnamese Summary of Chapter 7 

Chapter 8: Technical Barriers to Trade (Vietnamese(English

Vietnamese Summary of Chapter 8 

Chapter 9: Investment (Vietnamese(English

Vietnamese Summary of Chapter 9 

Chapter 10: Cross-Border Trade in Services (Vietnamese(English

Vietnamese Summary of Chapter 10 

Chapter 11: Financial Services (Vietnamese)(English 

Chapter 12: Temporary Entry for Business Persons (Vietnamese) (English)

Vietnamese Summary of Chapter 12 

Annex 12-A: Temporary Entry for Business Persons

  Australia (Vietnamese(English) 

  Brunei  (Vietnamese(English) 

  Canada (Vietnamese) (English) 

  Chile  (Vietnamese(English) 

  Japan (Vietnamese(English) 

  Malaysia (Vietnamese(English) 

  Mexico  (Vietnamese) (English) 

  New Zealand (Vietnamese) (English) 

  Peru (Vietnamese) (English) 

  Singapore (Vietnamese(English) 

  Vietnam (Vietnamese) (English) 

Chapter 13: Telecomunications (Vietnamese) (English

Chapter 14: Electronic Commerce (Vietnamese) (English) 

Vietnamese Summary of  Chapter 14 

Chapter 15: Government Procurement (Vietnamese) (English

Vietnamese Summary of  Chapter 15 

Annex 15-A: Government Procurement

  Australia (Vietnamese(English)

  Brunei (Vietnamese(English)

  Canada (Vietnamese(English) 

  Chile (Vietnamese(English)

  Japan (Vietnamese(English

  Malaysia (Vietnamese(English)

  Mexico (Vietnamese(English

  New Zealand (Vietnamese(English) 

  Peru (Vietnamese) (English

  Singapore (Vietnamese) (English)

  Vietnam (Vietnamese(English) 

Chapter 16: Competition Policy (Vietnamese) (English

Vietnamese Summary of  Chapter 16 

Chapter 17: State-Owned Enterprises and Designated Monopolies (Vietnamese)(English

Vietnamese Summary of  Chapter 17 

Chapter 18: Intellectual Property (Vietnamese) (English

Vietnamese Summary of  Chapter 18 

Chapter 19: Labour (Vietnamese)(English)

Vietnamese Summary of  Chapter 19 

Chapter 20: Environment (Vietnamese)(English

Vietnamese Summary of  Chapter 20 

Chapter 21: Cooperation and Capacity Building (Vietnamese) (English

Chapter 22: Competitiveness and Business Facilitation (Vietnamese) (English) 

Vietnamese Summary of  Chapter 22 

Chapter 23: Development (Vietnamese(English

Chapter 24: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Vietnamese) (English)

Vietnamese Summary of  Chapter 24 

Chapter 25: Regulatory Coherence (Vietnamese(English 

Chapter 26: Transparency and Anti-corruption (Vietnamese(English

Vietnamese Summary of  Chapter 26 

Chapter 27: Administrative and Insitutional Provisions (Vietnamese(English)

Chapter 28: Dispute Settlement (Vietnamese(English)

Vietnamese Summary of  Chapter 28 

Chapter 29: Exceptions and General Provisions (Vietnamese)(English

Vietnamese Summary of  Chapter 29

Chapter 30: Final Provisions (Vietnamese(English



Annex I: Cross-Border Trade in Services and Investment Non-Conforming Measures

  Explanatory Notes (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Australia (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Brunei (Vietnamese)(English

  Canada (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Chile (Vietnamese)(English

  Japan (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Malaysia (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Mexico (Vietnamese)(English) 

  New Zealand (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Peru (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Singapore (Vietnamese)(English)

  Vietnam (Vietnamese)(English)

Annex II: Cross-Border Trade in Services and Investment Non-Conforming Measures

  Explanatory Notes (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Australia  (Vietnamese)(English)

  Brunei (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Canada (Vietnamese)(English)

  Chile (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Japan (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Malaysia (Vietnamese)(English)

  Mexico (Vietnamese)(English)

  New Zealand (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Peru  (Vietnamese)(English)

  Singapore (Vietnamese)(English)

  Vietnam (Vietnamese)(English) 

Annex III: Financial Services Non-Conforming Measures

  Explanatory Notes (English

  Australia (Vietnamese)(English)

  Brunei (Vietnamese)(English)

  Canada (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Chile (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Japan (Vietnamese)(English)

  Malaysia (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Mexico (Vietnamese)(English) 

  New Zealand (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Peru (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Singapore (Vietnamese)(English)

  Vietnam (Vietnamese)(English) 

Annex IV: State-Owned Enterprises and Designated Monopolies Non-Conforming Measures

  Explanatory Notes (Vietnamese)(English

  Australia (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Brunei (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Canada (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Chile (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Malaysia (Vietnamese)(English)

  Mexico (Vietnamese)(English) 

  New Zealand (Vietnamese)(English) 

  Peru (Vietnamese)(English)

  Vietnam (Vietnamese)(English) 


In addition to the main commitments in the Agreement, the Parties also sign Side letters to clarify the commitments or to unify the understanding of some of the commitments in the Agreement. Below are the side letters between Vietnam and some CPTPP partners (English version):

Australia - Vietnam

  Electronic Payment Services


  Cyber Security

  Memorandum of Understanding regarding Article 18.47

  Memorandum of Understanding regarding Article 18.53

  Memorandum of Maintaining TPP bilateral Agreement

  Memorandum of Mutual Understanding of TPP bilateral Agreement 

Canada - Vietnam

  Electronic Payment Services

  Distinctive Products


  Patent Linkage


  Marketing of Certain Pharmaceutical Products 



Malaysia - Vietnam

  Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge

  MY Electronic Payment System

  VN Electronic Payment System

  IP 18.47

  IP 18.53



  Cyber Security

New Zealand - Vietnam

  Electronic Payment Services


  Pharmaceutical Marketing

  Cyber Security

  Agricultural Chemical Test Data

  The Relationship between CPTPP and AANZFTA

  Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)

Japan - Vietnam

  Agricultural Chemical Test Data

  Electronic Card Payment Services

  Marketing of Certain Pharmaceutical Products


  Cyber Security


First Meeting of CPTPP Commission in Tokyo, Japan

1. CPTPP Ministerial Statement (English) (Vietnamese)

2. Decisions 

2.1. Decision regarding Administration for Implementation of the CPTPP (English) (Vietnamese)

2.2. Decision regarding Accession Process of the CPTPP

     English (DecisionAnnex)


2.3. Decision regarding SSDS Rules of Procedures for Panels

     English (DecisionAnnex 1 and Annex 2)

     Vietnamese summary

2.4. Decision regarding ISDS Code of Conduct

     English (DecisionAnnex)

     Vietnamese summary


Second Meeting of CPTPP Commission in Auckland, New Zealand

1. CPTPP Ministerial Statement (English/ Vietnamese)

2. Decisions 

2.1. Decision on the procedures of the CPTPP Council according to Article 27.4 of Chapter 27 - Administrative and institutional provisions



2.2. Decision to Establish a List of Arbitrators who are pre-appointed to serve as the Chairman of the Arbitral Panel in accordance with Article 28.11 of Chapter 28 - Dispute settlement

English (Decision, Annex)



Third Meeting of CPTPP Commission via online on August 6th 2020




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