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13/02/2019    14368

The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) has came into effect in 7 member countries. CPTPP is a new-generation free trade agreement with deep commitments, which are expected to have a considerable impact on member countries.


1. CPTPP Websites of member countries 

With the aim to provide information on the CPTPP for the public and businesses, countries members has developed CPTPP websites. Therefore, WTO Center and Integration would like to introduce these websites for businesses to explore.

Australia's CPTPP website

Brunei's CPTPP website

Canada's CPTPP website

Chile's CPTPP website

Japan's CPTPP website

Malaysia's CPTPP website

New Zealand's CPTPP website

Singapore's CPTPP website

Peru's CPTPP website

Vietnam's CPTPP website


2. CPTPP member countries' tariffs:

Australia's tariffs

Brunei's tariffs

Canada's tariffs

Chile's tariffs

Japan's tariffs

Malaysia's tariffs

New Zealand's tariffs

Singapore's tariffs

Vietnam's tariffs

Peru's tariffs


3. Tools for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises:

Australia's tool

Canada's tool

New Zealand's tool

Japan's tool

Singapore's tool


By WTO Center and Integration