Guideline for export to Australian markets

15/12/2018    312

Date: 2015

By: Vietnam Trade Office in Australia

Although Vietnam and Australia are geographically distant, have many cultural and historical differences but cooperate on the basis of common interests and mutual respect, developing together for peace and prosperity.

Over the past 40 years, since the official establishment of diplomatic relations on February 26, 1973, through many historical ups and downs, the friendship between the two has been affirmed and developed.

The friendship and cooperative relationship between the two countries, especially since the establishment of the Comprehensive Partnership in September 2009, has been increasingly consolidated and developed in all areas such as the Politics, Economy, Trade, Investments, Defense and Security, Culture, Education, Tourism. We have gained considerable achievements in the past 40 years but can achieve even more in the coming decades.

In order to help Vietnamese enterprises to seize opportunities, exploit to the fullest potential of relations between the two countries, the Vietnamese Embassy and the Department of Trade in Australia coordinate to compile "Guideline for export to Australian markets" with hope that this reference can be useful.

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