Model Contracts for Small Firms: Legal Guidance for Doing International Business (bilingual)

19/09/2021    91

Topic: Introduce 08 Model contracts for Small Businesses: Legal guidance for international business activities

By: International Trade Centre (ITC)

Translated by: WTO and International Trade Center - Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry


This book contains the main international commercial contracts that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will need in their trade transactions. All contracts are harmonized in structure as well as in content through the insertion in each of identical boilerplate or recurring clauses.

The nine model forms and the boilerplate clauses were selected on the basis of a worldwide survey of representative institutions of SMEs. They are intended primarily for use by SMEs for an obvious practical reason: smaller companies often have limited access to legal resources. These models will therefore be particularly useful for agreements of a limited economic value and will hopefully discourage SMEs from drafting international contracts on their own. SMEs are nevertheless encouraged to seek legal advice – whenever possible – when entering into international agreements.

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