Official Letter No. 812/XNK-XXHH guiding on certificates of origin in EVFTA

17/08/2020    357

Issuing date: July 30, 2020

Issuing authority : Agency of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Industry and Trade

To implement Circular No. 11/2020/TT-BCT on rules of origin in EVFTA Agreement and support traders to export goods while taking advantage of EVFTA preferences, Agency of Foreign Trade - Ministry of Industry and Trade has just issued Official Letter No. 812/XNK-XXHH sent to trade associations and exporters to provide guidance on certificates of origin.

With regard to Vietnam's exported consignments valued at no more than 6,000 euros, based on Point b, Clause 2, Article 19 of Circular No. 11/2020/TT-BCT, any exporter is allowed to self-certify the origin. The self-certification of origin is done in accordance with Article 25 of Circular No. 11/2020/TT-BCT. After implementing self-certification of origin, traders are responsible for reporting and posting proof of origin of goods and documents related to exported consignments self-certified by traders on www. according to the provisions of Clause 7, Article 25 of this Circular.

For export consignments valued at over 6,000 euros, exporters must have a EUR.1 C/O form authorized by an agency or organization authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The process of C/O declaration and certification in EUR.1 form is similar to that of existing C/O models.

For goods exported to the UK, exporters only declare C/O form EUR.1 or issue proof of origin until December 31, 2020.

Source: Government Newspaper

The Official Letter is attached below: