East Asia Customs Procedures

12/07/2019    9917

Time: July 2019

By: East Asia Business Council (EABC)

Customs procedures in almost every country are usually very professional, diverse, technical, abstruse, ambiguous, and even trapped for cross-border manufactures, traders and related service providers, sometimes even cause significant invisible "barrier" to trade. Thus all the stakeholders imminently need information to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of cross-border trade.

The eBook on East Asia Customs Procedures covers the guides of Customs procedures in 10 ASEAN member countries and China, Japan and the Republic of Korea, with 24 major items related to the Customs clearance of goods such as legal system, clearance procedures, prohibitions, and restrictions, duty collection (including classification, valuation, rules of origin), trade statistics, violations and sanctions, FTAs, AEOs, and etc. 

The eBook (in English) is attached below: