Reimagining emerging ASEAN in the wake of COVID-19

16/09/2020    41

Date: August 2020

By: McKinsey&Company

No nation has escaped the widespread disruption from COVID-19, but the degree of disruption varied significantly. Less-developed countries, including emerging ASEAN (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam) began the crisis at a disadvantage, and COVID-19 exposed and often heightened their challenges.

McKinsey’s research “Reimagining emerging ASEAN in the wake of COVID-19" explores a series of trends that the pandemic has caused or accelerated. Within these trends lie the potential recipe for recovery, but stakeholders must be prepared to reimagine their country’s economy. Five key levers – manufacturing hubs, green infrastructure, investments in digital, talent reskilling, and high-value food industries – could not only speed up economic recovery but also lay the foundation for extended growth.

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