What will it take to achieve Vietnam’s long-term growth aspirations?

16/09/2020    39

Date: September 2020

By: McKinsey&Company

With relatively few recorded COVID-19 cases and fatalities to date, Vietnam now has an opportunity—and an imperative—to consider its longer-term economic aspirations, even as the country responds to a resurgence of the virus. Enduring success willrequire Vietnam’s leaders to focus on issues and opportunities that long preceded the pandemic. 

This is the second of two articles in which McKinsey looks at COVID-19’s immediate impact on Vietnam’s economy and identifies the long-term challenges the country can address to realize its potential.

The first piece of this two-part series on reimagining Vietnam outlines how the country could chart a short-term course out of the pandemic’s immediate effects. The article "What will it take to achieve Vietnam’s long-term growth aspirations?" discusses how a rebound might be sustained over a longer time horizon to reach the country’s stated goal of becoming a high-income nation by 2045. 

The article (in English) is attached below: